Suggested topics for a thesis

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This is a non-exclusive list of the topics I would like to explore in the near future. Topics are listed in no particular order; some may be more complicate than others to develop.
I am also open to discuss further topics outside the list.
Please find HERE my suggestion on the structure of a thesis.
  1. Risky investment and psychological conditions
  2. Stock investment and religiosity
  3. Risky asset investment: Is a long time horizon a substitute for risk tolerance?
  4. Financial risk tolerance and financial literacy
  5. Public buyer's ability in procurement management
  6. Lies in political talks
  7. Accuracy of political claims in Italy
  8. Philantrophy in times of crisis
  9. Personality and age perception
  10. Bribes and cultural barriers in Africa
  11. Workers' performance within a team: Evidence from Italian professional soccer
  12. Returns to education: A cross-country comparison
  13. Health literacy and education
  14. Financial literacy and education
  15. Time preferences and risk attitude
  16. Self-control and tempting habits
  17. Life satisfaction and social status
  18. Bequests and parental assistance
  19. Expectations on future economy trend and knowledge of the market
  20. Self-serving bias in the expectation on future price of your own house
  21. Mobbing and stress
  22. Too late to get caught? Medical visits on the latest days of sick leave
  23. House medical checks of workers in sick leave: The role of the physician