Thesis supervision

I am available to supervise undergraduate, graduate and PhD theses from the University of Verona involving applied Econometrics, preferably in one of the following broad areas: Households' saving and portfolio decisions; Economics of risk and uncertainty; Policy impact evaluation; Behavioral economics.

In general, I believe it is mutually useful if the topic of the thesis fits my research interests. For this reason I recommend to have a look at my "research" pages and the titles of the theses I supervised in the past.

Some tips for the development of a thesis are available HERE.

Before approaching me for supervision, please consider that:

  • I appreciate if you come to me with some ideas about the thesis. A non-exclusive list of possible topics for a thesis is available HERE.

  • Familiarity with basic Econometrics and a statistical package (preferably R or Stata) is required. I suggest you to contact me only provided that you have passed an Econometrics exam with a reasonably high mark (above 25/30).

  • For some reason I attract quite a few students interested in my supervision of their theses. However, supervising many students at the same time is burdensome for me and ineffective for the students, as I will not have enough time for each. Please contact me well in advance, and beware that I may be unable to supervise you.

  • My theses are relatively demanding. Usually, developing with me a bachelor's thesis takes two months full time, while developing a master's thesis takes three months full time. Take it into account!

  • It may happen that you plan to graduate in one session, but eventually you are unable to make it. No problem: We will work together to meet the subsequent session. However, if you are also unable to graduate in the subsequent session, I will no longer supervise your work.

Former students

  • LIST of former PhD students

  • LIST of former graduate students

  • LIST of former undergraduate students