ENIAR. European Network for Indigenous Australian Rights: "Celebration of Federalism for Aboriginal People is a celebration of genocide"

ENIAR (European Network for Indigenous Australian Rights) has an aim which “is is to promote awareness on indigenous issues and to provide information for Indigenous Australians about Europe and international organisations. ENIAR is not affiliated to any government or commercial bodies, is non profit- making and run entirely by volunteers(see: http://www.eniar.org/index.html ).


ENIAR media release “Celebrating Aboriginal genocide?” (2000): “14 July 2000 - ENIAR media release - Aboriginal leaders will join Australian and British supporters of Aboriginal rights in protests to mark Prime Minister John Howard's London visit.

  • Whitehall opposite Downing St from 2-5.15 pm today, Tuesday 4 July, to mark Prime Minister Howard's calls on Chancellor Brown & Prime Minister Blair
  • Parliament Square from 2.30 pm tomorrow, Wednesday 5 July, to mark Mr Howard's visit to Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons.

"Celebration of Federalism for Aboriginal people is a celebration of genocide", says Aboriginal lawyer and activist Michael Anderson.

"Britain's endorsement of the division of powers between Federal and State Governments made possible States' repression of Aboriginal people, which continues today"”. [1]

[1]. ENIAR media release “Celebrating Aboriginal genocide?” (14 July 2000): http://www.eniar.org/news/genocide.html .