D a l e   W i s e l y 

Dearest John,

Ken came over about 6:00 p.m.
I did not want to let him in, 
but he pushed himself in.
He started saying something
about Ryan messing up his shotgun.

Meanwhile Ryan came in and the next thing I knew,
Ryan and Ken were in a fist fight!
I got them separated and finally Ken left.
He was drunk and I think he has been
doing a lot of acid. 

Here I sit at the computer on Saturday night.
This is getting to be a real habit.
I am having withdrawal not hearing from you.
I understand your lack of time,
but I’m still somewhat paranoid.

I found this book by Robert Bly and
I thought I would buy it for you.
From what I understand, 
this explains men and their inability
to be feeling, nurturing beings.

*From a letter found in a used copy of Robert Bly’s
Iron John.

James Brush