The Lecturer Series

Each month our lecturer makes a short but detailed presentation on a topic related to current events in our community. This talk is made For the Good of the Order and is usually followed by a lively discussion.

Below are some of our Lecturer's topics with links to current articles:

The Joy of the Gospel - Pope Francis

The Worries of Social Media

Protecting your children in today's society. Part 2.

Protecting your children in today's society. Part 1.

Heroin: The current situation in NH and what to be watchful for.

Substance Abuse Signs and Symptoms: Further discussion of substance use and what to look for as well as how to find resources to aid the substance abuser.

Bystander Effect: How to remain mindful and engaged in the lives of others in positive ways

Love Languages: The 5 "languages" and the way people communicate from an emotional level