Officers & Members

Council Officers 2019-2020

Grand Knight - Christopher Smith

Chaplain Reverend - Father Britto

Dep. Grand Knight - Maurice Russo

Chancellor - TJ Such

Recorder - Leon Mercier

Financial Secretary - Don Cote

Treasurer - Ed Girroir

The Advocate - Charles Hildreth

Warden - Al Pelletier

Inside Guard - James Sanville

Outside Guard- Dwight Sprague

Trustee 3rd Year - Jim Plante

Trustee 2nd Year - Joseph Boggio

Trustee 1st Year- Dennis Proulx

Service Program Personnel

Program Director: Gerald Sanville

Community Director: Lewis Major

Pro-Life Couple: Joe and Elizabeth Boggio

Health Services: Albert Pelletier

Public Relations: Norman Whittle

Youth Director: Edward Girroir

Membership Director: James Plante

Family Director: Ronald Majer

Retention Chairman: Michel Alarie

Vocations Chairman: Leo Ling

Insurance Promotion: Dwight Sprague

Lecturer: Brian Gordon