Who We Are

Our congregation is a truly diverse church family centered around worship. 

 While historically we are an Arabic church, at present Fourth Avenue Presbyterian is a community of people from all around the world united in Christ.  We are from Lebanon, India, Scotland, Colombia, Syria, Cuba, Pennsylvania, Palestine, Egypt, Norway, Puerto Rico, Nigeria, North Carolina, and of course, Brooklyn!   We range in age from a few weeks to 92 years old.

 Located at a crossroads of neighborhoods and directly above the subway, we are an urban church committed to staying as a faith center in the city.  In an age when people seem increasingly divided, our call is to be a place where people can come together. 

 Our door is open.  Whether the reason is Bible Study, pastoral care, a young adult study, good food at one of our famous potlucks, or one our programs all are welcome here.  We believe deeply in the biblical mandate for hospitality and genuine care of people.

 We are not only a spiritual home, but being called to the city, we are a community center. For example, we hold a gathering of neighborhood seniors on Tuesdays at 12:30pm.  This group has met continuously for over 20 years.  Lives are shared over bingo and snacks.  We also have a Young Adult Study.  They meet once a month to discuss issues of faith, life and call.  And, for those readers, we have a book club which reads books from diverse genres: novels, nonfiction, science fiction, young adult, etc.
We are led by our pastor, elected elders and deacons.  Longstanding leadership has also come from the Women's Association. Other opportunities to participate in our church include the youth group and Thursday noon Bible Study group.
We are always searching for new ways to reach out to the city.

 Come and get to know us, your brothers and sisters in Christ.