Welcome to the 208 web site


This site was created in 2008, 40 years after we all made our way into the real world following two years at No 1 School of Technical Training, Royal Air Force Halton.
A lengthy search of the internet provided very little information about our entry so we hope to provide an informative target for any other grey old men and others who may be searching for friends and colleagues from 1967/8. We will be adding photographs and articles as we can and hope it will encourage others to provide material to continue filling the place with old memories.
At the present time thirty seven of us have made contact and the UK contingent held a mini-reunion in September 2009 and just three of us got together in December. Don, Roddy and Adrian.
Since then, in September 2010, four of us met again at Halton to join in with the Apprentices 10th Triennial Reunion and apart from feeling a bit outnumbered, we had a great day again.
In June 2011 ten of us finally got together with Jim Sparks in the Shoulder and we got a free meal out of him!  Thanks Jim.
In May 2012 we finally saw our window installed and dedicated at St. George's Church.  We had a whole weekend back at Halton and some beer and food was consumed.
In September 2013, a small contingent joined the 11th Triennial Reunion at RAF Halton.  We helped make the numbers up to 950 ex Apprentices.
In September 2016, five of us were back at Halton for the 12th Triennial Reunion. 

The Shoulder of Mutton  in Wendover is still standing but is not quite as we remember it.

After 10 years of searching there are 37 old friends on our Contacts page.
If you were at Halton with us please don't put it off any longer, switch the telly off and get in touch.  It's easy to do and you won't regret it.
If you would like to make a contribution to this site, photographs or text, or just to get in touch with old friends, please contact me at  Adrian.Small (at) Gmail.com
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