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Evans Lookout - Blue Gum Forest RTN

posted Mar 27, 2013, 9:59 PM by Colin McCormack

Sun 31/3/2013 - Mon 1/4/2013

Blue mountains classic destination.

Overnighter.  Around 16km.  Steep.  See files below for detailed maps.

Contact one of the SLs or GL.

6-7/4/2013 Scout Hike MtKuringai-Crosslands-Berowra

posted Mar 16, 2013, 1:50 AM by Colin McCormack   [ updated Mar 17, 2013, 8:22 PM ]

This is a mandatory hike for those who want to go on ScoutHike.

Map below, details to follow.


4 Day Budawangs Hike - 25th-28th April (ANZAC Day)

posted Mar 14, 2013, 6:25 PM by Colin McCormack

I'm planning a 4-day / 3-night hike here: from ANZAC day to the Sunday following.

The total hike will be around 50-60km, but spread over 4 days.  The last day will be challenging.

We have limited places, but you're invited! (Leaders, Senior Scouts and Venturers) 

You will need to be fit (but then again, I'm going, so you don't have to be super-fit.)  You will need some gear (although we have some to spare.)  You will, most importantly, need to be determined to hike that far through some rugged country.

25th: After car-shuffling to WogWog, we will be coming in from the Endrick River (initially along a blazed trail, then for most of the day along a 4WD track) and camping either at Styles Ck inside this basin with these views (assuming it's not raining, in which case we'll hopefully have cancelled.)  I have never hiked this bit, but have camped at Styles Ck before.  The way is pretty flat and pretty open.

26th: We will then be skirting Styles Ck swamp to Mt Haughton, thence to Mt Tarn which we will cross, thence down to join the scenic rim track East of Mt Bibbenluke, and will then be crossing a saddle to Mt Cole (this time we won't be getting lost,) where we will be sleeping in a camping cave - if we're running late, we'll camp near Mt Bibbenluke (  I have never done this bit, except from Bibbenluke to Cole.  The track is likely to be a bit faint, and there's a bit of scrambling to be done, and a bit of ascent involved.

27th: We're at Mt Cole or Mt Bibbenluke ... we spend the day wandering around Mt Cole, Mt Owen, Monolith Valley, etc.  That ought to take a day.  We end up back at Bibbenluke for the night, ready to hike out the next morning.

28th:  Bibbenluke to WogWog ... it's a long day, but I wouldn't say a gruelling day.  I am trying to arrange some kind of mass-transport out of Long Gully, and if that's successful we can either go out on 27th or spend another day getting to MV, or another day hanging around there.

Any questions?  Any takers?


1st Rosela win 2012 Yanagin District Footie

posted Mar 17, 2012, 11:10 PM by 1stRoselea Scout Group

1st Rosela won 2012 Yanagin District Touch Footie


1st Roselea keeps up a proud tradition of winning (nearly) every Yanagin District Footie Competition ever in history.  Good work Scouts!

Kangaroo Valley Canoe Trip

posted Mar 4, 2012, 2:56 PM by 1stRoselea Scout Group   [ updated Mar 5, 2012, 1:06 AM ]

Scouts canoeing on the beautiful Kangaroo River.

2012 Feb - Kangaroo Valley Canoe Trip

Steph, Gopi, Jacqui, Wun's Blue Cord Hike

posted Oct 2, 2011, 12:29 AM by Colin McCormack   [ updated Oct 2, 2011, 12:32 AM ]

27th August 2011
The Blue Cord hike Wun planned was a raging success, even though we didn't get to the end-point and had to bug out. The reasons it was such a success: everyone on the hike got to experience real navigation through untracked bush, using a GPS, following faint trail signs, orienting and reading a map, reading the landscape. And, we all got out in one piece. All the scouts were cheerful, helpful, cooperated with one another. Best blue cord hike for *learning*, ever!

Kyle and Sam's Blue Cord Hike - Wollangambe Crater

posted Oct 2, 2011, 12:26 AM by Colin McCormack   [ updated Oct 5, 2011, 4:52 AM by 1stRoselea Scout Group ]

24th September 2011

Sam and Kyle's Blue Cord Hike

We hiked from Bell to Wollangambe crater (return.) While we were being soaked in rain at sub-zero temperatures, unable to feel our fingers (or make them work), it was snowing in Bathurst! BoM reports that it reached -0.1C in Bathurst at 2pm, and -1.2C at 1pm at Mt Boyce (nr Victoria Pass).

We measured air temperature of 4C at Bell at 2pm, and (with wind chill on the plateau) we almost certainly experienced sub-zero conditions an hour earlier as we hiked the last half of the journey.

That's kind of exciting. Who'd have expected that in late September? Coldest, wettest hike we've ever done.

All the Scouts (Kyle, Sam, Nick, Rohan) were well prepared with thermals, fleecies and rain gear, all were excellent hikers, cheerful, capable and determined, and the whole thing went very well indeed. I hope they understand what a great job they did.

We also set a troop record on both inward and outward legs of the journey.

2011 Scout Yanagin District Camp - Report

posted Jun 14, 2011, 5:53 AM by Colin McCormack   [ updated Jun 14, 2011, 6:14 AM by 1stRoselea Scout Group ]

As you may know, 1st Roselea Troop attended the 2011 Yanagin District Camp at Glenrock Scout Camp near Newcastle (no photos - too damp and my camera was flat.)

As you probably also know, the eastern seaboard was subject to very wet weather for the whole weekend.  So we had to cut the camp short and head home on Sunday instead of Monday.  Cars were bogged, trucks had to be pulled out by a tractor, and it was generally unpleasant, but we all got out!

The weather was foul.  It rained nearly continuously from about 30 minutes after we arrived to set up camp until we finished packing up. There were a few half hour clear spots, but for the most part the weather was damp and drab.

The scouts were camping as patrols, so they had their own tents, dining fly, esky, cooking and lighting gear (all paid for by the fund raising you participate in,) cooked their own meals and learned to thrive under harsh conditions.  I would say they did very well - I'll be annoyed if some of our patrols didn't win the district-wide competition.  Leaders were forbidden from physically helping the scouts construct or administer their patrols' camps, and so the scouts achieved it all for themselves.

Some highlights:  
  • the smiles on their faces when they finally constructed themselves dry shelter, cooked and ate breakfast out of the rain.  
  • The junior scouts and the cubs who got up early Sunday morning and (unbidden, of their own initiative) put up all the dining flies which had been torn down by Saturday night's gale-force winds. 
Some concerns: 
  • scouts who turned up to a camp without sufficient wet weather gear, even though the forecasts all predicted foul weather, and despite several emails warning of the forecasts.  For future reference: an emergency poncho is not going to last a weekend of activity in the rain, and should be reserved for emergencies only.
  • getting out at all - thanks to Narra for his 4WD.
Everyone was warm enough (fortunately the temperature wasn't extreme) and well fed, and in good spirits despite the rain.  While we couldn't make their meals for them, rules allowed us to make them the occasional milo and biscuit supper.

It's unfortunate that the weather precluded a full programme, but the shared experience of adversity builds character, and teaches them to work well as teams, which I observed them doing.

Thanks to the scouts who made the camp work so well.

Thank you to the parents who provided transport on Friday, emergency transport on Sunday, and who volunteered transport on Monday.  Thank you to the parents, leaders and scouts who stayed around to unpack the two tonnes of gear, and hang tents out to dry.  Thank you to the parents, leaders and scouts who came back Monday to do more gear-drying work.

Special thanks to Kilkie (Louisa) who arranged the menus, purchased the food, drove half the gear up and back, and was our troop's mainstay and unfailingly most sensible person.  Thanks to the leaders, who helped Kilkie with the preparation, and made the whole wet weekend bearable and even good fun.

Colin McCormack ("Code")
ASL 1st Roselea.

1st Roselea ScoutHike base wins award

posted May 21, 2011, 8:47 PM by 1stRoselea Scout Group   [ updated May 22, 2011, 3:41 AM ]

Celta and Narra proudly display our 2011 Scouthike Activity Base's award for 'Technical Excellence'

Every year about 200 leaders from Sydney North Region (extending from the Harbour to the Hawkesbury) spend days to create activities for the Scouts (about 800 of them this year) to enjoy as they hike around the forest.  Each year there's an enormous bloom of creativity, with over 50 bases created in the bush.

Each activity base has a theme.  In our case 'Food Storage and Water Purification' ... hardly the most inspiring of subjects, but turned into interesting and educational fun for the scouts by the effort of 11 leaders from Yanagin District.

Our Kilkie created a great active display and exercise in water filtration, showing field expedient water distillation (a billy, some foil and a PET bottle condenser) to turn salt into fresh water, a solar still, and the bits and pieces (and expertise) to make field expedient water filtration - to turn turbid mucky water into something suitable for purification.  She also set out for display the various methods we use to purify water on hikes - iodine/chlorine tablets, boiling, the activated carbon filter 1st Roselea's committee and your fund-raising bought for us.  This was the star turn in our little theatre, with patrols queuing to experience the fun of making water safe to drink.

Dave McIntosh from Brush Park troop made some Coolgardie safes to demonstrate low-tech meat storage (ingenious devices, really.)

Scouts had some fun, and may have accidentally learned something useful.  I think we're all really pleased to get the award, and I'd like to thank Kilkie for her creative work in constructing the most interesting and engaging part of it. 

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