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4 Day Budawangs Hike - 25th-28th April (ANZAC Day)

posted Mar 14, 2013, 6:25 PM by Colin McCormack
I'm planning a 4-day / 3-night hike here: from ANZAC day to the Sunday following.

The total hike will be around 50-60km, but spread over 4 days.  The last day will be challenging.

We have limited places, but you're invited! (Leaders, Senior Scouts and Venturers) 

You will need to be fit (but then again, I'm going, so you don't have to be super-fit.)  You will need some gear (although we have some to spare.)  You will, most importantly, need to be determined to hike that far through some rugged country.

25th: After car-shuffling to WogWog, we will be coming in from the Endrick River (initially along a blazed trail, then for most of the day along a 4WD track) and camping either at Styles Ck inside this basin with these views (assuming it's not raining, in which case we'll hopefully have cancelled.)  I have never hiked this bit, but have camped at Styles Ck before.  The way is pretty flat and pretty open.

26th: We will then be skirting Styles Ck swamp to Mt Haughton, thence to Mt Tarn which we will cross, thence down to join the scenic rim track East of Mt Bibbenluke, and will then be crossing a saddle to Mt Cole (this time we won't be getting lost,) where we will be sleeping in a camping cave - if we're running late, we'll camp near Mt Bibbenluke (  I have never done this bit, except from Bibbenluke to Cole.  The track is likely to be a bit faint, and there's a bit of scrambling to be done, and a bit of ascent involved.

27th: We're at Mt Cole or Mt Bibbenluke ... we spend the day wandering around Mt Cole, Mt Owen, Monolith Valley, etc.  That ought to take a day.  We end up back at Bibbenluke for the night, ready to hike out the next morning.

28th:  Bibbenluke to WogWog ... it's a long day, but I wouldn't say a gruelling day.  I am trying to arrange some kind of mass-transport out of Long Gully, and if that's successful we can either go out on 27th or spend another day getting to MV, or another day hanging around there.

Any questions?  Any takers?