About Us

Find out a bit about us:

  • We're a Scout Group serving the Epping/Beecroft/Carlingford district.
  • We are a completely volunteer organisation dedicated to educating and developing youth in the district
  • We are a very active group with Joey, Cub and Scout sections and a highly supportive and energetic Group Committee.
  • We won a Gold Quality Scouting Award. This recognises the commitment of our volunteers, our community involvement and the quality of our programmes.
  • Our Hall facilities are available for the use of other community groups
  • Our community raises funds and tries to remain engaged in the broader community.
  • We vigorously pursue age-appropriate outdoor activities such as bushwalking, camping, canoeing, abseiling and rock climbing, believing that this provides our youth members with the best possible opportunity to develop into good citizens and leaders.
Read our Annual Reports, check out our Photo Gallery, get a feel for what we do.

As a friendly community of volunteers we ask that families of members will contribute some of their time and effort to the wellbeing of the group.  Some examples of this would be:
  • Fund raising - we usually hold about four such activities per year.
  • Working bees - usually one a year
  • Committee work - helping in the day-to-day and year-to-year thriving of the group
  • Becoming Leaders - it's not for everyone, but the group draws its leaders from within, and it's an excellent and very fun way to contribute to our childrens' development
  • Parent Helpers - some sections ask parents to come along and help with the running of their weekly meetings.  It's a good way to see what the children get from Scouting.