AbstractFull text of paper - editorial requirements

Within the deadline 1st June 2017 to the conference e-mail address  (iwona@wsge.edu.pl) each participant must send the text of the article in English. The organizers wish to indicate that articles submitted after the deadline will not be published in a post-conference monograph.

Each article will be subjected to an  internal assessment involving content of paper and publishing requirements.

The basic principles of preparation of the article:

  1. font: Times New Roman, font size 12;
  2. line spacing 1.5;
  3. volume - a minimum of ½ of the publishing sheet. 12 A4 pages;
  4. never use double spaces. Please also do not use several spaces for separation of a new paragraph. For this purpose you should only use a tab. We recommend, after the preparation of all text, to use the tool "find and replace", where it is possible to replace all double spaces on a single.
  5. extracted editorial units;
    • abstract (requirements as above)
    • introduction  (bold font)
    • the following editorial units  (bold font)
    • summary  (bold font)
    • bibliography (references) in alphabetical order, without numbering
  6. In-text annotations / footnotes (APA)

 Annotation below the text should  be used only in purpose to add a digression to the text. It should not be used, however, for introduction bibliographic quotation / citation.

In-text annotations (APA) rely on the introduction in brackets the name of the author or authors, year of publication and pages which you used to the quotation/paraphrase.



… Specialists indicate that the current upward trend of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere, will cause rise of  the average global temperature by the year 2099 up to 4 degrees Celsius (Massai, 2011, p. 238-245).

… This type of RES is increasingly used in the European Union and all over the world (Quaschning, 2005, p.231).

… Public authorities are required to respect and protect it. It is shown by formation procedures system, legal orders and prohibitions, which should prevent all threats and dignity violable (B. Banaszek, Konstytucja Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej. Komentarz, Warszawa 2012, Legalis 2013; zob. J. Krucina, Drogami Kościoła, Wrocław 2000, p. 385).


… the words coming from Craig Shields` monograph Renewable Energy-Facts and Fantasies (Shields, 2010):

“For a moment, take the viewpoint that global warming is a hoax—or at least that addressing it is a quixotic pursuit. OK, but do you doubt that gas and diesel emissions cause cancer? That enriching certain governments in the Middle East endangers everyone of us?”

Please note that each article will be subjected to the publishing proceedings, within which we will unify the look of text. Hence there is no need to use unnecessary treatments, except as indicated above.