Readings and Project

Post date: Oct 7, 2015 8:35:16 PM

Please note that our schedule has been updated again, along with the assigned reading for the coming week. The plan is for us to continue with the textbook on Monday, mostly with Chapter 4 after finishing up Chapter 3. On Wednesday we will wrap things up by filling up any remaining holes and talking about the Elie Shammas paper. Note that we will focus mainly on Sections 1-6 of the paper, but do try to read the rest of it, as we will revisit all the stuff about gaits very soon. We will also go over a couple of recurrent questions from HW 1.

Finally, please continue brainstorming about project ideas and discussing with classmates about forming potential project groups. As was implied in class today, you are free to form groups of any size. You might look at the Papers page for project ideas, which can range all the way from biological systems to mechanical toys.