Last week(s) of class

Post date: Nov 20, 2015 10:35:08 PM

Our schedule for the remainder of the semester will be as follows. Firstly, we will not hold class during the week of Thanksgiving. We of course encourage you to take the time to work on your projects. In addition, we highly recommend that you attend Chaohui Gong's defense at 2p on Mon Nov 23 in NSH 3305, as his research is quite relevant to our class material.

We will hold three class sessions on the week of Nov 30, the last academic week of the semester. Monday Nov 30 will be the last paper presentation on biological locomotion, and you will find the papers to be discussed on the website.

Wed Dec 2 and Fri Dec 4, both going from 10:30a to 11:50a, will be the project presentations for each group. Please plan to speak for about 10-12 minutes--certainly no more than 15 including time for questions. We do not expect a 100% complete project by that time, but we are more interested in seeing interesting approaches and initial results. In terms of presentation order, we are happy to take volunteers that would like to do so on the first day (and you can let me know ahead of time), but do be ready to go on that day in case we have to start calling on groups.

The project reports, written in IEEE conference paper style, will be tentatively due the week after on Dec 11 (by email).