Ozobots are small, easy to use, programmable robots. Ozobot currently (2019) has two robots, the Bit (first generation) and the Evo (second generation). The bots can be coded two ways: online with OzoBlockly, and offline with Color Codes. The Ozobot mission is to inspire people to go from consuming technology to creating it.


Getting Started with Ozobot Evo Bot

The following video will give you all the information needed to get started with your Ozobot Evo robot. (Note: some of the supplies in this video do not actually come in the 2019 Evo packaging).


Introduction and Overview of Evo App

The following video gives an introduction and overview of the Ozobot Evo App. The app is downloadable on smartphones and tablets. At the SHLC, we primarily use the Evo app for the "Play" features.


This course outline was developed and shared by the SHLC and has been used successfully with learners in 2019 at their LBS sites in Sioux Lookout. This outline includes OALCF Milestones.

Ozobot is an America company that focuses all of their marketing and curriculum towards the American elementary school system. Consequently, much of their official curriculum is simple and easy to adapt, making it perfect for adult DOI2T learners who are encountering robots and coding for the first time. If you are looking for more lesson plans, it's worth exploring the Ozobot Lesson Library for more adaptable lesson plan options.

Ozobot held public webinars from 2016-2018. Links to the webinars are available on their website, or find them by visiting the Ozobot YouTube channel. The webinars are mostly focused on introductory topics. Unfortunately, the links from 2016 are all broken, and Ozobot has not scheduled a live webinar since 2018.