Royal High School


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Meet your RHS Counselors

Sue Guy

(A - Er)
805-306-4875 x 2713

Aamina Hennings

(Es - La)
805-306-4875 x 2717

John Burton

(Le - Ra)
805-306-4875 x 2716

Amanda Intlekofer

(Re - Z)
805-306-4875 x 2714

Counseling Office Contacts:

Assistant Principal (Curriculum & Instruction):

Assistant Principal Secretary:

College & Career Center Advisor:

Counseling Secretary:

Making an Appointment:

  • Students can email their counselor or come to the counseling office to complete a request form and the counselors will send for the students as soon as they are able to do so.

  • If the situation is an emergency, please notify the counseling office secretary immediately.

  • Parents can make appointments by contacting their student's counselor by phone or email.