Project Launchpad is Team 20's multipart educational and outreach program. We aren’t just building a community - we’re building a future - for Team 20, our individual team members, and for the world. 

Mission: To build an educational STEM community within and for Shenendehowa School District students - fostering a passion for STEM in high school and beyond.

Objective: To enrich our community with enthusiastic engineers who never stop learning and collaborating. 

Process: Through programs throughout the school system, Team 20 members get students excited about robotics and help them build skills, while engaging them fully so that they have fun while learning. 

Through Project Launchpad, we teach and learn from school through graduation and beyond:

Check out our 2022-2023 Project Launchpad activities and results:

Project Launchpad Impact Recap 2022-2023 - Version 2.pdf