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Welcome to the Cedar High School Counseling Center. Here you will find information and support for your journey through high school and beyond. As a community- based school that focuses on interdisciplinary and integrated learning, we have unique opportunities to work together in ways that represent life after high school. Cedar is guided by the core values of Collaboration, Engagement, Diversity, Agency, Respect and with a vision that will inspire students to be active, engaged citizens in their community and advocates for their own futures. If you need something that cannot be found here, please let your school counselor, Susie Honaker Wirzbicki, know shwirzbicki@sheltonschools.org.

What Does Your School Counselor Do?

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Academic, Personal/Social and Career and College Readiness School Counseling

As your school counselor, I want to support you to make your best plans and choices. I understand that a neutral and confidential resource can help you find your way. You may need brief and strategic one on one counseling to support you through a challenge. You may need a referral to at trusted resource for more serious or on-going situations. You may want to discuss your options for after high school. You may need support to negotiate a challenge in your personal life.

I am so grateful to be your school counselor. I worked as a teacher in Kent at a Junior High, a Alternative High School, and an inter-disciplinary program like Cedar. I moved to Choice when my kids were small, and they had a day care. I became a school counselor in 07' at SHS and have been there ever since. Working together as you launch your dreams into plans is absolutely a thrill.

Thank you for this opportunity!

Susie Honaker Wirzbicki

shwirzbicki@sheltonschools.org Call or Text 530-431-8030 7:30-3:30

*All counseling is confidential in nature for people over the age of 14 unless you are being harmed, you are harming someone, or a crime has been committed. Be assured, I will work with you in support for what kind of reporting may happen next if the situation warrants. You deserve to be safe and well.

Academic Advising:

1st Trimester Advising Seminar: senior advising presentation .pptx and Understand options for post-high school education and training, including how to pay for them. The Washington College Grant – the most generous state financial aid program in the country – might be able to help your family!

Watch below for monthly updates to targets for 9th-12th grade planning purposes

Plan Your Future on These Trusted WSAC WebVirtual: https://NACAC College Fairs

jbourbault@sheltonschools.org is happy to share more information and is a wonderful friend of Cedar! Just email her:) https://shs.sheltonschools.org/student_services/career_center/construction_apprenticeships

There are no shortage of college and career-planning resources out there, especially online. Some is good, some is…not-so-good. So where can you find information that is correct and clear? The Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) offers trustworthy web resources that can help you find the right education and career path for you.

  • WSAC Website Review WSAC’s Plan Your Future page for information and resources on college planning, career exploration, financial aid, apprenticeship, and more. Learn about Washington’s state financial aid programs and how to apply for financial aid.

  • College & Career Compass Explore your options with the College & Career Compass. This web-based tool will help you identify educational pathways that can lead to promising careers and a brighter future.

  • GEAR UP Student & Family Resources Access free college planning resources on the GEAR UP website. GEAR UP links to quality materials and websites about planning your path, paying for college, visiting campuses, and building a support system.

  • Signing up for the SAT or the ACT is rather simple once you get started. Additionally, many Juniors take either one of these tests in the spring and then again in the fall of their senior year if their scores need support for admissions purposes. Reminder, only universities require these tests AND there is a new wave of schools moving to 'test optional' so check your desired schools' admissions requirements. *students who qualify for free/reduced lunch should see Susie for a fee waiver.

The ACT - Solutions for College and Career Readiness | ACT and The SAT | College Board

Testing for 2022-2023 SAT SAT Dates and Deadlines – SAT Suite | College Board and ACT ACT Test Registration - The ACT Test | ACT

  • ACT and SAT CEDAR CODE 480-148

  • Juniors in the winter or spring take one of these tests for admissions to universities and for some scholarships. If the score you earn is not what you are happy with, a retest in the summer/early fall of your senior year is the way to go. (see the notes below about advising)

  • The vast majority of colleges and universities around the nation have suspended the SAT and ACT score requirements, permanently, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Universities report that not taking the SAT or ACT will have no bearing on your application status. To ensure the most accurate information, please visit your college of choice, on their admissions website.

Academic and High School and Beyond information

9th-12th grade

All students benefit from being at school daily and engaged in the collaborative opportunities at Cedar. If you are not able to be in attendance on campus, please log into Echo and work to the best of your ability. You can also message your teachers as needed. There is a check in form for those days that helps us know you are making progress and lets you ask questions when needed.

As a New Tech Network school, grades are based on the traditional Knowledge and Skill but additionally on Collaboration, Engagement, Written and Spoken Communication, and Agency.

Pick up your guide to beyond High School planning here. This starts in the 9th grade and continues to after graduation. 9-12 College Knowledge Materials. Please Look!

Academic and High School and Beyond information

11th grade

Sophmores and Juniors were inventoried this week to see if they would like to take the PSAT . Currently we are working with SHS for access to the PSAT on Oct. 16th. After taking this assessment, students will gain infomation and advising access to supports as they make plans for moving forward. This can be to study for the SAT or to use the career inventory moving forward with planning. Thank you to Angie Gourley and SHS for supporting this endevor with us.

Academic and High School and Beyond information

12th grade

Seniors- It Is Time!




A very helpful text service called Otterbot is available for free. Text Hi Otter to 360-928-7281 for help with Financial Aid!

The above graphic is the outline from OSPI regarding the HSBP graduation requirement. We use My School Data as our resource for this requirement along with You Science inventories through advisory. Ask your student (or check yourself if you are the student) to take a look each year as this dream turns into a plan. The student can access it through Skyward. Before graduating, all students will complete their HSBP as well as the required credits/courses and testing requirements.

YouScience - Empowering Intentional Individualized Success and Graduation Requirements for the Class of 2021 | SBE (wa.gov)

  • Cedar HS is a community that addresses conflicts and works together to solve them. Please work with Amber Hosford ahosford@sheltonschools.org if you feel this is not resolved on campus in a way that gives you access to your educational rights. If you have a situation you want to report to the district office or you need more information about Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying, here is the district resource page.

Bullying - Shelton School District (sheltonschools.org)

Want more data on the impacts of New Tech Network as model? This is for you 2021 NTN Research - New Tech Network New Tech Network !