Mrs. Wilson's Art Room

Welcome to the Art Room!

We will be busy creating new art projects this year and using a variety of materials that they may be familiar with and some art materials that are new to them as we explore concepts, techniques, and practice building our art skills while learning artistic behaviors.

Each art lesson has curricular goals that follow the Art Standards of the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Each lesson will focus on learning one new concept and reviewing or practicing a previously learned concept to build that skill. A rubric is used to grade the art projects. The curriculum has been planned using the Backwards by Design method after interviewing high school art teachers to see what their expectations are for incoming students.

We will be building mechanical reasoning skills, problem solving, discussing characteristics of art materials to make decisions in bringing their creative ideas to fruition successfully. Students will be guided to find the answers and solutions to their questions and artistic challenges.

Primary and Intermediate level students will come to art class once a week. Kindergarteners have 45 minute classes while grades one through five have one hour. Middle School students have art class as an elective and I will see them three times every two weeks for 43 minute classes.

Studio Habits are our focus this year. Coming into the art room ready to create art like an artist and make decisions like real artists do. Following the demonstrations to prepare to make decisions to begin their own projects is important. Working smart in art with time to process directions, deciding on materials and colors available helps prevent restarts when they realize they have forgotten part of the directions. Students are encouraged to work quietly so we can be aware of students' needs to be productive in a quiet space. Low volume conversations can happen while not disturbing those who do their best work in a quiet environment.

Art projects will be displayed in the hallways and three dimensional pieces will be displayed in the window cases of the library.

Blessing the Classroom

Father came in and blessed the classrooms at the beginning of the school year.

Our theme this school year is focusing on the virtues of Charity and continuing the theme of Virtues are the Gateway to Joy at SGM!

September: Charity

October: Friendship

November: Courtesy

December: Purity

January: Fortitude

February: Prudence

March: Respect

April: Forgiveness

May: Responsibility

Mrs. Wilson's Faith Family

Faith Family

Our Faith Family activities and photos will be here. This gathering and getting to know you will begin soon.