Faith Formation

Holy Family and Holy Spirit Catholic Churches

Mitchell, SD

Join us Wednesday, May 26 at 7:00PM in Holy Spirit Parish Hall for the final parish event around the book From Christendom to Apostolic Mission. We will show the 7 videos produced by the diocese with Fr. Traynor & Dr. Burgwald (about 70 minutes) and close with final discussion and Q & A. This book helps to lay the groundwork for Bishop DeGrood's vision for Lifelong Catholic Missionary Discipleship Through God's Love. Over 400 books were distributed in the parishes! Whether you read the book on your own, participated in a small group study or Open Invitation Book Study, we encourage you to attend this final event.

From Christendom to Apostolic Mission: Pastoral Strategies for an Apostolic Age

What happened to the church I remember? Why don't the same strategies we previously used work anymore? What does it mean to be Catholic in today's culture?

If any of these questions sound familiar, please consider picking up a copy of this book! This book has been foundational in introducing the vision of Bishop Donald DeGrood, and he has invited all parishioners to study the text. Copies are available for parishioners at no charge at the churches. Please consider a group or individual study.

Are you searching for a small group to join? Contact our office.

There will be an Open Invitation Book Study for anyone to attend on Mondays from 12:00 - 1:00 P.M. at Holy Family from April 12 - May 24.

Discussion schedule (subject to change):

  • May 10 - Chapter 4, p. 51-64

  • May 17 - Chapter 5, p. 65-75

  • May 24 - Chapter 5, p. 75-88 & Conclusion


As we now move into this time of transition, I would invite you to pray this prayer for the priests, incoming and outgoing. Pray also for yourselves that you can be receptive to the changes that are occurring and see them as God's will for us all. - Fr. Ken


The month of May is traditionally devoted to the Mother of God. How will your family honor the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God?

Suggestions in honoring Our Mother and Queen this month:

  • The 31-Club: Commit to praying one Hail Mary Prayer each day of May.

  • The Holy Rosary: Commit to praying a rosary each day. Or, start small by praying one decade of the rosary each day.

A Guide to Praying the Rosary Handout by the Knights of Columbus (pdf)How to Pray the Rosary (pdf)Pray the Holy Rosary with Bishop Emeritus Swain. The audio links:The Joyful Mysteries (Monday & Saturday) The Luminous Mysteries (Thursday) The Sorrowful Mysteries (Tuesday & Friday) The Glorious Mysteries (Sunday & Wednesday)

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