"Helping mothers birth confidently and calmly."

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Through Serenity Birth School, I give women the support and tools needed to transform themselves into confident and calm, birthing women. I guide them through overcoming negative beliefs and expectations so they may have the positive birth experience they were always meant to have. 

What is Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing is an evidence-based approach to birth that has been transforming births for over 70 years.  It helps change negative belief systems and perceptions surrounding birth, using science-based techniques such as visualization, childbirth education, breathing, relaxation, and more.

Benefits of Hypnobirthing:

+ Higher maternal satisfaction

+ Increased confidence

+ Better bonding with baby

+ Improved adjustment for newborns

- Shorter labor

- Reduced tension & pain

- Reduced fear & anxiety

- Lower rate of intervention

- Reduction in postpartum depression

Why Choose The Calm Birth Method of Hypnobirthing?

~ It helps prepare moms for all types of birth (Hospital Birth, Home Birth, Cesarean Birth, VBAC, Vaginal Births, High & Low Risk Births, Transfers, etc.).

~ It helps prepare you for any path birth may take, not just a specific set of expectations.

~No matter your birth preferences, you should have the privilege of feeling, calm, confident, and empowered during labor.

~ All births are beautiful, and all mothers deserve a positive birth experience.

Serenity Birth School Courses


"Participants have received their 1st steps to anti-racism training from Birmingham Doula and are committed to going deeper with their learning."~Lorna Phillip