Serenity Birth School

From Your Instructor,

I’m a trained birth instructor, a mom, and an artist. I'm certified through The Calm Birth School to teach Hypnobirthing using The Calm Birth Method.

I decided to complete my certification and open Serenity Birth School after giving birth...

Leading up to my pregnancy, I had always been TERRIFIED of birth. I knew I didn’t want to carry fear into my pregnancy nor my birth, so I began my search for hope; where I found Hypnobirthing. It described birth as instinctive and calm. I learned to view birth in a new way and with new belief systems:

Birth is instinctive

My body was made for birth

Fear is what creates tension and pain

I do not have to give birth in a specific way

Birth is not an emergency

I can bring my baby into the world peacefully

In spite of my previous fears, the tools I learned helped me have a positive birth experience. My experience gave me a desire to help other mothers work through fear or trauma and develop confidence and serenity during their births.

So, here I am, excited to educate and support expectant mothers of all backgrounds and birth preferences. My goal is to help moms find their confidence and prepare for the calm birth they were always meant to have.

I am excited to begin this journey with you,

Holly Oden