Advancement Via Individual Determination

Is AVID the right fit for you?

Do you have a strong desire to go to college? Do you have a C average or higher? Are you ready for the rigors of advanced coursework? Are you ready to commit to becoming the best version of yourself?

If so, AVID may be where you belong!!

Check out what some of our AVID students have to say about our program:

Gabriela Martinez Rico

Class of  2022

"I will always recommend AVID to anyone and everyone.  Everyone can benefit from this class because it is just like having a family and a helping hand whenever you need it, making sure you are putting in as much effort as you can.  Personally being an introvert, I feel a relief when I know I will have at least one AVID buddy in my class.  I also believe that someone who is an extrovert will benefit as well because they could be such a help to those who are a bit more shy.  I know I am thankful for my extroverted friends!"

Vianca Lopez Molina 

Class of 2023

"AVID taught me to stay on top of my game and do the best I can with the circumstances I am in. It taught me to write good notes and seek out help when needed. AVID showed me that some teachers want to connect with their students and help them do the best they can, by teaching them everything they know. I also learned how to use my resources to my advantage."

Jazmin Madrigal Mukul 

Class of 2022

"I am glad I joined AVID! Not only did it help me academically but also as a person. I have made friends there that I never would have made without AVID since I am an introvert. I feel like over time we grew as a family and bonds were created.  I recommend AVID because they help you prepare for college and give you the support you need whether it is academically or mentally. I would say AVID is beneficial for anyone who wants to go to college regardless of their background/ color."

Alyssa Hernandez

Class of 2023

“I am in AVID because I thought it would be a helpful program to guide me during high-school, especially during my junior and senior year when I will be applying to colleges. I also joined AVID because I wanted to be part of a small community in school. While in AVID, I have explored many different career options and have settled on 3 dream jobs. AVID has also taught me how to become more organized and helped me plan out my future. Not to mention, you become a family with your AVID class which makes the class more fun. AVID is an amazing opportunity for those who are determined to go to college, but understand they will need help getting there. As long as one works hard, they can definitely become successful students.”

David Nieves Calixtro 

Class of 2022

"I joined AVID because I knew this program would help me understand what I need to do in high school in order to go to college.  Before I joined AVID I knew nothing about high school. I did not know how the classes of high school worked. I didn't even know that there was an A-G requirement!  But my teachers in AVID help me understand the systems at Menlo-Atherton.  Thanks to AVID I know that I can apply to scholarships, that I can get certain benefits, and that I can go to college regardless of my immigration status.” 

Here is our Recruitment Presentation:

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M-A AVID Recruitment Presentation 2020

Still unsure? Check out a few of the videos below. 

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AVID's Mission

AVID’s mission is to close the opportunity gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.