Working shifts and loads of other ways to help

You can work shifts, or behind the scenes if you prefer.

Work a shift. It’s fun!

(1) First time volunteers:

Volunteers are trained onsite during the shift they sign up for. 

You do NOT need any special knowledge about tools, only a willingness to help out and connect with your neighbors.

Please let us know if it is your first-time volunteering, that way we can set you up for success.

(2) Returning volunteers:

 Click the link below to sign up either as a “Beginner” (Saturday or Thursday) or as a “Veteran” (any day) depending on your experience level. Beginners always have an experienced volunteer to help teach and support them. Typically after a few shifts you will have the knowledge and confidence to self-declare as a Veteran. 

Click as a  returning volunteer (Beginners and Veterans)

(Or) Prefer to work behind the scenes?

Help us repair tools, take tool photos, maintain the seed library, raise money, join our Board, and more...