Corporate Sponsors

What can we say but thank you, thank you, thank you!

These organizations are helping to make our community better, and we’re grateful to them for it! If your organization would like to join us in serving the community, please contact us!

Most Recent Donors

Deploybot  has generously allowed us to continue using their service gratis for our backend needs to facilitate continuing deployment of the ToolLibrarian software created by us and used by a handful of tool libraries to track members, tools and loans.

SendyBay continues to give us low pricing on bulk mail handling (for our occasional Newsletter).  Extraordinary inexpensive bulk mail service even at their standard rates!

Freegeek: We received another Hardware Grant from Free Geek right here in Portland. We really thank them for helping our organization access technology and further our mission. Check out the valuable work of Free Geek at

Hinson Baptist Memorial Church: We are very, very grateful to the Hinson Baptist Memorial Church who have so graciously donated our fabulous new space. It even has heat in the winter!

QuickEmailVerification is giving us free use of their API to verify deliverability of email addresses. It’s really nice of them and works far better than our old home-grown method. is giving us a nice break on the electronic signature software we use that has allowed us to eliminate paper forms… and save trees. We’re really happy with them. was our sponsoring agency for many years, and we really appreciate their vital help.

DoitBest Division Hardware donated the fabulous commercial steel shelving for our new space. It was a lot of work for them to make the shelves available to us in the midst of their major renovation, and we are so thankful they did.

AlienBox gave us a nice price break on a truck full of sturdy bins we used to move all our tools to the new location.

Eoff Electric Supply kindly donated a large steel electrical box for our new electronic keycode lock that makes life sooo much easier for our volunteers.

Your Concrete Guy gave us a generously discounted rate for refinishing the concrete floor, and gave us wonderful, durable surface that we just love.

Mr Plywood gave us a price break on lumber for the new front desk you’ve all admired and repair bench which we admire.

GreenDepot environmental living & building gave us a nice discount on the water-based finish we used for the front desk, and it’s proving remarkably tough and resilient.

Hankins True Value Hardware gives a generous discount on hardware items we needed for the finishing touches on the new space.

Portland General Electric has donated to SEPTL on several occasions through its Community Service Grants awards, for which we are profoundly grateful.

We bought a new orchard ladder at a nice discount from Tallman Ladders in Hood River. But you can buy one at many venues right here in Portland.

NE Portland Tool Library  and  North Portland Tool Library –  who have both donated database programming, documents and know-how at so many levels.


Earlier Donors

Portland Nursery kindly donated a prize for the raffle drawing.

The Urban Farm Store helped by donating a nice raffle prize.

Organics To You kindly donated wonderful food for our Grand Opening.

St David of Wales Episcopal Church and its Sara Fischer who so kindly offered to house our Tool Library.

The ReBuilding Center generously supplied us with most of the materials needed to buildout the Library space.

Bob Denman, the owner of the amazing   Red Pig Tools, generously donated four Trench shovels (new with great handles), a hoe he rebuilt so it is new again, and three small gardening shovels of varying handle lengths, again all new.

Green Hammer Construction helped by kindly donating a very generous raffle prize.

Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply helped us by donating two nice raffle prizes.

7Dees on SE Powell helped by generously donating a raffle prize as well as an opportunity for us to have an information table at their Edible Landscapes event.

Artist Chris Haberman created the stunning, fabulous, whimsical, banner that we display at Events and outside the Tool Library most Saturdays.

K&F Select Fine Coffees supplied some truly fabulous coffee for our March Tool Donation Day.

Trader Joe’s, was very nice to supply us with some great food for our Grand Opening.

Hopworks offered a revenue share for an evening of fun and food and drinks on Feb 7 2011. And some shirts. And wow.

Portland Tradesmen has generously offered to give monthly SEPTL Workshops where our members can get free design and construction advice from real pros.

Grow Portland, in keeping with its mission to promote urban gardening and urban agriculture, donated seeds to help grow our seed library.

The ReStore helped both by donating a raffle prize as well as by offering us a great deal on tools.