Nuremberg Rally 1937

This is a resource site for a high school history project put together by Peter Hutchins (High School History teacher) and Alan Hoskin (Digital Learning Coach).

The purpose for the experience was to create an environment where students could get a sense what it would be like to have attend one of these rallies and how people may have got swept up in the overt and covert propaganda that was involved.

The experience was multi faceted. Although its effectiveness relied on the use of a variety of technologies more importantly the creation of an experience space was pivotal.

On this site you will find resources, rationale and reflections for this project. Please feel free to use any of the the resources to replicate this experience or use the ideas to create your own.

Peter and Alan are happy to answer any questions (see Contacts page).

This video clip has been developed using a Theta S 360 degree camera.

For best results play through the YouTube mobile app (iOS or Android) so your students will be able to view 360 dynamically. In a web browser you have to explore the video manually.

The link is:

Have students search the app using: hitler rally fcp

Works well on smartphone or tablet.