2024 SEL Board


Birdel Jackson, President

Betsy Jones, Vice President

Marge Irace, Secretary

Allen Buckley, Treasurer


Kathryn Gomard

Trish Greeves

Rick Heneghan

Mark Levine

Cathy Parker

Daphine Prouty


Amy Hall, Education Director

Marva Greene, Office Assistant

SEL has grown! We started in 1990 through a dedicated group of volunteers whose goal was to provide learning opportunities serving a community of retirees in the North Fulton area. Since then, the community of learners has increased through the efforts of our staff, volunteer instructors, volunteer members and the SEL Board. All those involved have continued to support the SEL mission by providing inspiring and informative programs for our community of age 50+ members in a mutually respectful and apolitical environment. We all value the benefit of lifelong learning, to enrich us each in living stimulating, engaging and informed lives.

Prior to the COVID pandemic, all of our courses were in-person. To keep the program active and people connected during an otherwise isolating time, during the pandemic all courses were transitioned to the Zoom platform. It was a great success, allowing us all to learn through an online learning platform and to create opportunities for more people outside the vicinity, including internationally, to join us. Embracing Zoom technology was a learning experience in itself, but ultimately allowed us to expand our class options and update our in-house technology.

Today, SEL offers courses in-person and on Zoom. We also have added hybrid courses which gives learners the option to attend the course in-person or through Zoom. Some of our Zoom courses are now being recorded and used for senior residence communities to attend courses remotely in group settings. We hope to expand these offerings in order to grow our audience in support of our education mission.

The organization has maintained its reputation for providing outstanding learning experiences, covering a wide range of subjects. We are grateful for the exceptional group of volunteer instructors who bring their passion for their subjects and interests to the organization. Many have supported SEL for years and continue to return because of the deep commitment of the organization to the value of lifelong learning.

Over the years, thousands of people have benefited from attending Seniors Enriched Living courses. We all share a love for continuing education and the opportunity for social interaction through learning. We welcome everyone near and far to our organization!

Seniors Enriched Living is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The organization is primarily funded by member class registration fees and donations. We offer 4 sessions per year – Winter (8 weeks), Spring (8 weeks), Summer (6 weeks), and Fall (8 weeks). Please see our Courses page for more information about joining the program.