Participants are encouraged to download Zoom video conferencing software on the phone, tablet or computer that will be used to watch and interact with the classes. Classes are limited to 99 members unless otherwise noted in the course description.

For the Spring session, classes will be held one time a week for 8 weeks. The cost is $60 for up to 5 classes. Each additional class is $5. Once the term begins, each additional class will be $10.

To begin registration, please read the course and class descriptions. Also, note the day and time for each course. You are encouraged to read the biographies of each instructor.

From there, please click on the registration link and register. The process for registration is the same as we have been doing for over a year at SEL.

Please note that pursuant to Georgia State law, no recordings of classes are allowed to be recorded or distributed.

Save the Dates!

Summer 2022 Session - July 11 - August 19

Fall 2022 Session - September 19 - November 11