Register after Thanksgiving for SEL's Winter session -

Participants are encouraged to download Zoom video conferencing software on the phone, tablet or computer that will be used to watch and interact with the classes. Classes are limited to 99 members unless otherwise noted in the course description. For the Fall session, all classes are being taught via Zoom.

For SEL sessions classes will be held one time a week for 8 weeks. The cost is $70 for up to 5 classes. Each additional class is $10.

To begin registration, please read the course and class descriptions. Also, note the day and time for each course. You are encouraged to read the biographies of each instructor.

From there, please click on the registration link and register. The process for registration is the same as we have been doing for over a year at SEL.

Please note that pursuant to Georgia State law, no video recordings of classes are allowed to be recorded or distributed.

STATE of SEL, October 2022

I want to thank our membership, our Board, our Education Director, Eleni Nega, our volunteers, RUMC and especially our instructors without whom we would have no programming. You educate and inspire us all. You have made this, our 32th year, the amazing success that it was. Without you we are nothing!

It has been an incredible two and a half years. This past Summer the Board hired Eleni Nega to serve as our new Education Director. Eleni has had a fast, steep learning curve. So far the Fall session has progressed without too many blips at the DOD and online. The Covid endemic is still with us, and we are still being careful.

In 2020, at an emergency board meeting, the board chose to close our in-person spring session and offer the registrants the opportunity to donate, defer or receive a refund. Most selected one of the first two options. At the meeting the discussion centered on a new (to us) technology, Zoom. It was investigated and a way was found to introduce online learning to SEL. The Board was looking for any way to help our members stay connected while quarantining at home.

For fall 2020 Kathleen Rieter, a former board member, a loyal and committed volunteer and mentor to staff decided she wanted to help with programming. She formed the Wednesday-Thursday team with Steve Osheroff and Kathryn Gomard to produce content, communicate with attendees and handle technical issues. They also came up with additional one-time programming events and we are eternally grateful for all their work and dedication. They have also continued the same for our subsequent sessions.

Everyone, our Volunteers, Instructors and our Board, stepped up to make SEL a successful online-only production, and we weathered the pandemic, battered but healthy.

The fact is SEL is thriving! Our goal to reach out to seniors is ongoing. We have classes scheduled four days a week with classes ranging from yoga to wars to classes on religion to art. We hope there is something for everyone. Our budget is balanced and we have money in reserve. With increasing dues to 70 dollars we are hoping to increase our technology and our footprint globally on zoom.

SEL also has an Amazon Smile presence. If you use Amazon you can designate a non-profit like SEL to receive a small portion of each purchase you make. It would be great if you could add us to your Amazon account and use '' when you log in. It costs you nothing but gives us an additional revenue stream, If you have any questions on the this contact our office.

This year could not have been possible without your Board. Birdel Jackson serves as VP, Allen Buckley is our Treasurer, Marge Irace is our Secretary and I, Steve Osheroff, am President. All have helped with our online programming and with the return to in-person classes for Fall of 2022.

I want to congratulate our elected board and I want to thank all of you who are serving with me. It has a privilege and an honor. You all made me a better person and President. I couldn’t have done it without your help.


Steve Osheroff, President SEL