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BULLYING:                                                                                  SELF-CARE:

SDUHSD Bullying Prevention                                              Self-Care Activities for Teens

Bullying Resources /Brave Talk            



Students - Who are your trusted adults? 

At Oak Crest, we are committed to building student connections and recognize ourselves as a place where students can find trusted adults. Trusted adults are people that you can go to when you or a friend are struggling and need help.

Trusted adults at school:

Trusted adults are teachers, counselors, administrators, school psychologists, student support specialists, campus supervisors and other school staff you see in the offices, learning commons, cafeteria or on the bus. These trusted adults can listen with care and concern and ensure that you or a friend get the help that is needed.

You can write on the back of your school ID card or in your planner the name of your trusted adult. 

If a friend comes to you for help, you can follow the steps below that we share during Yellow Ribbon Day:

How to help a friend



Acknowledge the concern

(take it seriously and listen)



(let them know you care about them)


Tell a trusted adult

(tell an adult with your friend or on their behalf)