Oak Crest Middle School

Welcome to Oak Crest Counseling!

The counseling office is a safe, supportive environment for students and a welcoming place for parents/guardians. SDUHSD middle school counselors are here to assist students as they grow academically, develop positive social and emotional skills, and explore their interests to help plan for high school and beyond. We work closely with teachers, administrators and other support staff to help ensure that students have a positive middle school experience!


Where is the school counseling office?

The counseling office is located in the C (Learning Commons) building. In our office you will find Mrs. McNeff, School Counselor, Mrs. Miller our Registrar/Counseling secretary, and once a week, Mrs. Findell, our School Social Worker comes in to meet with students and families. We also have tables, and a quiet space for students when needed.

Why visit the counseling office?

You may need help with your Aeries account, want to check your grades or visit when you or a friend may be in need of support. Come by and say hello - we encourage students to come in to ask questions, and get to know the counseling office!

How can a counselor help you or a friend?

You have a counselor at Oak Crest, and will also have a counselor when you attend high school. Counselors are here to listen, help and work with you to find a good solution. The sooner you reach out to a counselor when something is bothering you, the quicker you will be able to solve the problem because you have the counseling support and resources to help you.

Some examples of what a counselor can help with: "What classes should I take?" "I need help in knowing how to improve my grades," “I want to find out about high school or college,” "I'm nervous about talking with my teacher," "My friends and I are arguing and I can't focus in class because of it," "I'm feeling stressed about things going on at home and school," “I’m worried about a friend,” ”I’m feeling like I don’t fit in.”

How do I see my counselor?

  • You can drop-in before school, at nutrition break, lunch and/or after school.
  • If counselor is unavailable, you can fill out "Request to See Counselor" slip or Mrs. Miller can assist in getting the immediate help you may need.
  • You can ask your teacher to come to the counseling office.


A school counselor can help parents address:

  • Academic achievement concerns
  • Personal/social/behavior concerns
  • Future academic planning

A few examples:

"My son used to be excited about school but now he just doesn't seem to care," "My daughter seems to be the target of some teasing and bullying at school - can you help?" "I have seen changes in my child's behavior at home and I'm worried," "What level English/math should my child take in middle school?" "What can I do now to best prepare my child for high school?"

How do I contact my child's counselor?

Michelle McNeff, counselor can be reached by phone, email or by scheduling an appointment (see contact information below).

​If a student has a 504 Plan or IEP, the counselor (504) or case manager (IEP) can help address concerns.

SDUHSD Assurance of Nondiscrimination

Contact Information

Michelle McNeff

School Counselor

760.753.6241 ext. 3312

To schedule an appointment call ext. 3306

Michelle Miller

Registrar/Counseling Secretary *Se habla Espanol

(enrollment, residency, school records and accessing Aeries)

760.753.6241 ext. 3306