Physical Education

Announcements (all classes)

Please bring your PE clothes home to wash at the end of each week and bring them back to school Monday

Single period and block days: Students dress out

Late start days: Students do not dress out

CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) demonstration - On Monday 11/30 certified instructors will be giving a CPR demonstration/lesson to all our PE classes! Each student will have the opportunity to learn and get hands on practice with performing CPR.

General PE:

Current unit: Parrington - Volleyball, Geaslin - Fleetball 10/16 to 11/9

Next unit: Parrington - Fleetball, Geaslin - Volleyball 11/30 - 12/19

NASCAR Run - 11/6 and 7

Fitness pre-testing: 11/14 - 15

Annual "TURKEY TROT" 11/16 - 17

Mile run: 11/28 and 29

Surf PE:

ATTENTION: Due to the Breeders Cup event taking place 10/26 - 11/6 at Del Mar, there will be several public events held at Powerhouse Park that will require construction and heavy machinery. Due to this the lifeguards have deemed it unsafe for our students to attend the beach for the below dates...

Period 5: Thursday October 26 and Thursday November 2 **Note period 5 (We are able to attend on Tuesday October 31. No events are taking place that day at Powerhouse park)

Period 6: Friday October 27, Wednesday November 1, Friday November 3, Monday November 6

***Bodyboarding demonstration - On November 8th and 9th volunteers from the Del Mar Bodysurfing Club will give a brief lesson and hands on in water demonstration to the students

PERIOD 5: Will not go to the beach on Tuesday, November 14th due to a shortened schedule. We will have the "Step it Up" fundraiser activities that day and want all students on campus to participate

PE make-ups:

Wednesday November 8th at lunch 12:35