What is Seesaw?

Seesaw for families / What is seesaw?

Download the App

On a Personal Device

Search for the “Seesaw Class App” in the iTunes App Store or Google PlayStore.

There is a Family App and a Parent App. You do NOT want to download those at this time. Make sure the one you are downloading is FREE and that it says CLASS.

On a School Issued iPad

Search for and download the "Seesaw Class App" in Self Service.

Scan the qr code
(emailed from the teacher)


  1. Open the app on your smart device • Click “I’m a Student”!

  2. Scan the QR Code with your smart device.

  3. Find and select your student’s name, click the green check mark.

Computer or Chromebook

  1. Go to the link provided by the teacher in any web browser (email)

  2. Choose your child from the class list and create an account Web Portal app.seesaw.me

QR Code picture is an example

Seesaw Tutorial for Students and Families