The Wellness Centre

What is the Wellness Centre?

The Wellness Centre is a room at Mt.Sentinel that is used to provide a space to support student's healthy minds and bodies. Through various programs, the Wellness centre provides a safe space to improve areas of healthy living! Some programs include The Harm Reduction Program (supported by Freedom Quest), Open Arts and Craft Studio, and the C.A.G (Consideration and Acceptance Group, an LGBTQ+ support group).


Monday-9:45-10:45 Harm Reduction Program (Freedom Quest and Ms. Hewson)

Tuesday- 8:45-3:10- CYMH Clinician (Michelle Binnie)

Wednesday-10:30-11:00 Open Art Studio (Ms. Hewson)

3:10-4:15 Girl's Group (Chris Berger in the Drama room)

Thursday- 10:30-11:00 C.A.G. (LGBTQ + support group) (Ms. Hewson, Ms. Pozin, Jesse Halton)

1:00-1:30 School Nurse (TBA)


If you have any questions about the programs in the Wellness Centre please contact Ms. Hewson