Preschool Initiative 


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Preschool for All

We are thrilled that with the help of United Way of Southeastern Idaho, the American Falls community has been awarded a $70,000 grant to help expand high-quality, affordable preschool options in existing preschools in town. The grant, awarded as part of the Preschool the Idaho Way initiative from IdahoAEYC, will allow our American Falls collaborative to begin implementing a plan that will increase available high-quality preschool seats by up to 66%. 

Applications are open for the 

2023-2024 school year! 

Click the "Apply Now" link below to access the online application!  

Apply Now! 

2023-2024 Enrollment is now open!  Please click the link below to access the online application!

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Participating Preschools

Our efforts to provide a quality preschool experience and make preschool more accessible for all learners,  wouldn't be possible without willing preschool providers.  We are so thrilled to be partnering with fabulous programs that already exist in our community.      

Baby Bee Daycare LLC and Preschool 

Owner: Lexi Schritter

(208) 221-2005  |  (208) 226-2124

60 Hilcrest Avenue

Power County Head Start

Center Supervisor: Debbie Skaar


1825 Fairway Drive

St. Johns Preschool 

Owner: Honi Allen


656 Tyhee Avenue

Hillcrest Developmental Preschool

Principal: Tina Fehringer

(208) 226-2391

Hillcrest Elementary School

Sunshine City Learning Center

Directors: Tahnea Hess and Kim McGraw


825 Tyhee Avenue