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Welcome, Visual Arts Educators!

Thank you for the talent and creativity you bring to your students each day. This website was created with you in mind. Think of it as one-stop shopping for all things Visual Arts that have been developed by the Central Office of Arts and Special Projects. At this site, you will find:

  • Information about our Professional Learning opportunities

  • Resources from past workshops that are relevant to our current work

  • Key curriculum documents related to the NYC Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in Visual Arts and the NYS Standards for Visual Arts

  • Sample units and lesson plans for remote and onsite instruction

  • Information about special programs

  • Information about competitions and scholarship opportunities

We appreciate our cultural partners who each year so generously share their knowledge and expertise. They enrich our work in so many ways, and subsequently they have enhanced this website.

I am especially grateful to Amber Lodman, Arts Program Manager for developing this rich website.

Your desire to continue expanding your knowledge, your abiding interest in providing instruction that keeps access and equity foremost, and your deep commitment to your students and quality visual arts instruction, is recognized and deeply appreciated. Consider this website one small thank you gift for all you do. We will continue to update and add resources. Please visit the site often, and of course, your feedback is always welcome!

Most sincerely,

Karen Rosner

Director of Visual Arts

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