CS for Teachers


There are many curricula available, free and not. When selecting a curriculum, it is important that you provide students with the opportunity to do both synchronous and asynchronous work. This includes (but is not limited to): Unplugged activities, learning about the CS Concepts, Practices, and Perspectives, and block or text-based coding. The following are curriculum that you can start with (not all curricula below include all the items above, and most are not yet aligned to the new NYS CS Standards):


By 2024, all schools in NY are expected to fully implement the NYS CS&DF Standards in all grade bands K-12. To help with this matter, the state and others have started providing some resources, with more to come:


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BootUp: Through a grant from Amazon Future Engineers, D26 teachers have been working with BootUp to further develop CS teaching and learning in our schools with cohorts of teachers.