Library Hours

Monday 8:00-3:45 (BTV Staff meeting- 0 period)

Tuesday 8:00-3:45

Wednesday 8:00-1:15

Thursday 8:00-3:45 (Project LIT meets @ lunch)

Friday 8:00-3:30 (Boggle Friday during break!)

Checking out a book:

You may check out 3 books at a time

  • Books are checked out for 2 weeks (10 school days).

  • We DO NOT charge late fees, but, we will pester you relentlessly if your book is late.

  • If you have overdue books, we will not check out a new library book to you. Please return your books on time.

Holds: We will hold a book for you for 1 week if there is a reason why you can't check it out immediately.

Reserves: We will reserve a book for you if you let us know at the front desk.

Renewals: You may renew a checkout for 2 weeks if no one else has reserved it.

Lost books: If you lose a book and it comes back to the library, we will return it and shelve it for you.

    • If you tell us in advance that you lost it and it gets returned, we will hold it for you.

    • If a book cannot be found, you must pay for the book to be replaced.

    • Speak to Ms. Boox or Marina as soon as possible so we can work out an arrangement.

About Us

Teacher-Librarian Jessica Brooks

Former 7th grade Core teacher at B40

MLIS degree

Santa Cruz Derby Girl alumni (MsBoox #357)

Hobbies include: Reading a ton of YA and middle grade fiction (preferably sci-fi/fantasy), making art out of discarded books, playing with jewelry making, learning how to keep plants alive, editing videos, and going on long walks all over the place.

I can help you with many things, including:

  • guiding you toward books you might enjoy reading

  • editing and revising your writing

  • research and fact-checking sources

  • formatting your assignments in Google Docs

  • learning how to use Google and other digital tools

  • learning how to use Canva (graphic design)

  • learning how to use WeVideo (video editing)

  • setting up a Learning Ally audiobook account

  • technology issues

Librarian Assistant Marina Fitch

Former PIP at Westlake

Published author, member of the Celtic band Mountain Lark and the harp ensemble Oban

Hobbies include: Reading (whatever strikes my fancy), knitting sweaters, watching movies, going for walks, working out, messing around in the garden, and spying on blue jays

Let me know if I can:

  • help you find a book

  • recommend a book

  • talk to you about your writing

  • help you with your knitting

  • convince you that blue jays are really cool

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