2016 Study Issue Results

Open Container: The Coalition Supports changes to the state's Open Container law to be compliant with federal regulations. The Coalition also supports continued use of funding for activities that reduce alcohol impaired driving as have been conducted by the Highway Safety Office during the non-compliant years. Both measures support prevention of alcohol related traffic fatalities and send a strong message to youth.

Secondhand Smoke and Vapor:

1. Allow exemptions that return control of tobacco to localities when it will reduce the exposure to secondhand smoke.

2. Add “vapor products” to the definitions of the Children’s Act for Clean Indoor Air and the Non-Smoker’s Protection Act to limit exposure of children and non-smokers to nicotine and other pollutants.

The Coalition supports the need for more treatment in NE TN where addiction to harmful opioids and other drugs is an epidemic that produces a high rate of NAS babies, broken families and difficulties for employers to find workers who can pass a drug test.

The Coalition supports the conclusion from ETSU Center for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment community presentations that the evidence shows Medication Assisted Treatment to be an effective treatment.

The Coalition recommends ongoing education about Medication Assisted Treatment as evidence-based, effective in preventing relapse and supporting recovery.