• How do particular elements of a story interact?
  • How does the setting shape the characters or plot?


  • Log in to Google Classroom.
  • Open the assignment Research The Outsiders.
  • Open the attachment in Google Docs. If you are using an iPad, press the square / arrow icon.
  • Follow the directions on your copy of the Doc to research the setting of The Outsiders.
  • Optional: Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see the bonus point opportunity.

Click HERE to open the research handout in a new window.

Outsiders Launch _McMillan Eng 7

OPTIONAL--> Go Beyond Challenge (20 bonus points)

  1. Read the Glossary of The Outsiders slides below.
  2. Discuss the questions on the last slide. You don't need to write anything yet.
  3. Find the "Go Beyond Challenge: Outsiders Glossary" in NEO. Complete the survey.
Glossary of The Outsiders_Outsiders/Theme_McMillan