• Log in to Newsela with your school Google account.
  • Click on Your Assignments.
  • Choose one of the two required articles for English 7. They both relate to themes or topics in The Outsiders.
  • Follow the directions in Newsela to annotate, write to a prompt, and take a quiz.
  • Read one article a week (minimum): You can read them in any order as long as you finish all three by January 18.


If you have read all of the assigned nonfiction articles in Newsela, choose another article from The Outsiders Text Set.

  1. Click HERE open the The Outsiders Text Set.
  2. Log in to Newsela with your school Google account.
  3. Choose a new article from the text set.
  4. Annotate the article with 3 different cognitive strategies. To annotate, select a phrase or sentence or paragraph you want to respond to and choose a color to highlight it. Write your response on the line provided. Be sure to label the cogntive strategy. Click HERE to open the cognitive strategy bookmark.
  5. Take the quiz.
  6. Newsela will alert me when you finish an article. To be on the safe side, you may also want to email or send a message on NEO.