No Red Ink


  1. Log in to No Red Ink with your school Google account.
  2. Take the pretest.
  3. Complete ALL practice activities assigned to you. IMPORTANT: Read the lesson before you begin each practice. This will help you achieve mastery.
  4. Send a NEO message or email to Ms. McMillan ( when you are ready to take the quiz. You must be at 100% mastery before I enable the quiz.


  • Complete any late assignments you have on your home page. This includes dialogue quotes, flow quotes, and colon quotes. When you are done, request a regrade to earn credit on these late assignments. Click HERE for the request a regrade form.

If You Have Completed All No Red Ink Assignments—

  • Choose Practice or Learn (top menu)
  • Select a topic--your choice
  • Press Begin to get started
  • When you achieve mastery, send Ms. McMillan an email ( or NEO message.