Important Mentions

Important Mentions:

Head Lice are parasitic insects found on the human head & scalp. Having head lice is very common and is spread by direct contact. The best method of controlling a head lice outbreak is by regularly checking your child's hair/scalp at home. Students should wear their hair tied back and be mindful of their personal space. Please see the document below for the most current information regarding Head Lice. Please see the links below for valuable and up to date information with regards to head lice.

Strep Throat is an infection of the throat that is common in young children & characterized by a very red, painful throat often accompanied by fever, tender & swollen lymph nodes, headache and/or stomachache. Spread is from person to person through secretions. It usually takes 1-3 days from the time a child is exposed until symptoms develop. Students must be on an antibiotic and fever free for a full 24 hours before returning to school.

Both of these conditions are reportable to the School Nurse .

Summertime is fun time. A time for outdoor activities with friends & family. Observing basic safety rules at play, can keep children safe.

Bicycle helmets / Sunscreen/ Swim with adult supervision/ Insect repellent