SBMS Teen Press

Stories - Team 51

Interviews and stories from the 51st group of Teen Press Reporters – Spring, 2024.

Reporters have been meeting interesting people from around Santa Barbara and sharing their stories. Check out their findings...below!

I originally found out about Jenna Johnson, President of Patagonia, because I was very interested in sustainable business, and her daughter, Emma is also an SBMS Teen Press Reporter from Team 50. I was interested in Ms. Johnson and excited to interview her because she is an astounding leader... (Click through to view!)

We found the story of Marianne Partridge through reading The Independent. As we were reading it, I wondered “Who’s in charge of this publication?”... (Click through to view.)

After reading the Independent, the horoscope section piqued my interest. I knew I wanted to interview a psychic consultant. After some research, I came across Beth. She caught my interest because she seemed genuine and had an interesting background...  (Click through to view!)

In this interview, Julie Schneiderman told us about her journey in founding EcoStiks, a successful, sustainable patch company. After meeting Julie and hearing her speak at a climate event, I was inspired and had to hear more... (Click through to view!)

In this interview, Linda Krop shared her journey as a climate lawyer for the Environmental Defence Center. Linda Krop is the Chief Counsel of the EDC, a Santa Barbara Environmental Non-profit organization. Linda told us about how she and the EDC have been fighting... (Click through to view!)

In this interview, the students of DPNews explained their processes of how they prepare for an interview. Before the camera was rolling we went on a tour of the media room... (Click to view!)

 In this interview, we learned what it takes to be one of the top student press groups in the country and, and how to start. John Dent taught us that everything and everyone has a story... (Click to view!)

In this interview we talked to Sophia, Jules, and Natalie about their experiences with DP Media, and what their hopes are for the future. We really enjoyed talking to these three young women... (Click to view!)