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All resources and facilities of the CHS Library must be used solely for legitimate and authorized academic, instructional, research, and public service purposes. Students must abide by the code of conduct described in the Student Handbook, and must have a signed copy of the District's Student Technology Responsible Use Agreement on file in order to utilize available technology.


AVHS Library Catalog

Students can check out up to TWO books for a TWO week period. See what's available in the CHS Library Catalog by clicking on the link above.


Students may check out and return textbooks at any time throughout the year. All textbooks should be returned at in the same condition they were received. If a textbook is damaged or lost, the student will be responsible for replacement costs.


Laptops are available to check out and use WITHIN THE LIBRARY ONLY. Students will be held responsible for any replacement costs if a laptop is damaged while in their care.

Need help with homework? Click on the link on the left for, the free website where you can work with a tutor, access study tools, or collaborate with peers online.

Students must create a free account, and services are only available after school hours (beginning at 1 pm).

Click on the link above to access online SAT Prep. FREE Registration with Kahn Academy is required.

Click on the link above to access the ASVAB Test Bank. The site is free and hosts a comprehensive database of practice questions, study guides, and flash card sets to help you earn the target score for your desired placement.

Click on the link above to access free Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) practice tests and driver safety education, powered by Simply search for your state to get started.