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Epsom Central School offers a positive athletic program for middle school students that balance competition and participation. The Epsom Central athletic program offers girls’ and boys’ soccer and co-ed cross country in the fall; cheerleading, girls’ and boys’ basketball in the winter; and in the spring co-ed track, softball for girls and baseball for boys. Cross country and Spring Track are open to students in grades 5-8; all other athletic teams are open for students in grades 6-8. Students accepting the rewards that are available in playing sports must be mindful of the responsibilities they choose to accept. Participation in athletics does not diminish the student’s need to perform in school both academically and behaviorally. Behavior issues may jeopardize a student’s standing as a member of a team. The administration and/or the athletic director may suspend or remove players from teams for misconduct. Students must sign a Sports Agreement Form. Students removed from the team for any reason, discipline or academic ineligibility, and who do not start the season with the team at the beginning or finish the season with the team at the very end will not be recognized at the end of the season sports awards. For this purpose, one game or meet, regular season or playoffs, is considered as during the season.


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