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NoodleTools Express: Just need one quick source citation? Create a single MLA reference and copy and paste it into your document. No login required.

NoodleTools MLA Lite: Create and save an MLA Works Cited.

MLA 8 PDF Templates: A collection of MLA 8 citation templates guide students through applying MLA’s new “generic” template to specific source types. Print them for an exercise in class or fill these PDF forms out online.

What's your backstory? Use the power of your unique backstory to alter perspectives, help alleviate challenges, or redirect others to a more successful or fulfilling path.

Write, tell and share your story - or find stories, biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, folktales, etc at the Library Commons. Our display of titles highlights a diverse collection of stories and voices - - And once a story is unleashed, who knows how many lives it can affect.

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