North Hampton School Library

Our Mission

The NHS Library strives to provide our school community with the opportunities, tools, and support needed to become empowered and informed citizens, and to develop skills for innovative thinking, effective research, creativity, curiosity, imagination, and collaboration.

Our Vision

The NHS Library program helps learners to explore the world through story so that they may build connections to the human narrative through story, and develop themselves as citizens who embody qualities for empathy, creativity, critical thinking, curiosity, risk taking, and exploration.

Here all learners are welcomed and encouraged to embrace opportunities for sharing their unique talents, brilliant minds, thoughtful hearts, and creative solutions.

Hi NHS Readers!

We have a new way to see how many books our readers have checked out in the Library.

You can see a virtual version of it here.

Place Value Book Check Out Chart

Accessing Library Content

Use Destiny Discover to Search the NHS Library Catalog

Explore books, ebooks, audio books and online databases

Just click on the circle

Accessing the NHS Destiny Library Catalog and eBooks

Want to view the Library collection or access eBooks?

Check out this short video to help you get started.

You will need your username and password provided to you by the Library

Destiny Read App Instructions.pdf

Any questions?

just email me

Mrs. Betsy McCombs

Got Books?

Hey there! It’s Mrs. McCombs here, reminding you that it’s important to return those library books.

If you need to know what you have checked out,
or you want to reserve books

Check your account in the Catalog.

  1. Go to the NHS Destiny Catalog online

  2. Click on “Log In” in the upper right corner

  3. Your username= the first part of your Google Address

example 27BMccombs (capitalization doesn't matter)

Your password = your 6 digit device login number (it starts with a number 3)

5. Click "Submit"

6. Click on "My Stuff" from the top row navigation bar to open a menu

7. Checkouts- shows what you have out currently

What's new in the Library

In 2018 the NHS Library started a remodel project. This presentation was shared with the school board in October of 2021 after we finished the bulk of the project. Click through to see the Library as it was before and as it is now.

More photos of the Library