Community Schools Initiative 

 Community Schools Overview: 

What is a Community School?

A community school is a strategy for organizing school and community resources around holistic student success. Hoover’s community school strategy is based on four pillars:

Translated Posters/Flyers

Arabic -- English -- Haitian -- Karen -- Khmer -- Somali -- Spanish -- Swahili -- Tagalog -- Vietnamese

CS Flyer - Spanish.pdf

Schools embarking on their first year in the community schools process will follow these benchmarks. The benchmarks are focused on learning about the research behind the strategy and listening to their school communities, that includes students, families, all staff, and community members.

Schools in their second year of implementation will take what they've learned from their first year to do a deep data dive into the unique factors that affect student conditions. This allows schools to not only remedy the symptoms affecting their students, but target the root causes of these symptoms by using evidence based strategies to support our students.