LUNCH CLUBS and Activities

Students going to a lunch club must go to the club within the first 10 minutes of lunch. After the first 10 minutes of lunch are over, you won't be allowed to go into the buildings.

AFTER SCHOOL ON WEDNESDAYS THERE IS JMUN (Junior Model United Nations) IN ROOM C304 3:30 - 4:40 pm 

                          MONDAY                                              TUESDAY

                      Military Mondays - A105 - Siegmann                                                             Wellness Center - B2 

                                      Ukulele Club - B205 - Chalupsky

                                         Pokemon Club - Tech Room(202) - Mr. B

                                                           OPEN COURTS 


Wellness Center - B2 

FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) - PE tables - Bishop/Gilbert

GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance) - C204 - Gordon/Kole



         Wellness Center - B2 

              OPEN COURTS


MSA (Muslim Student Association) - C304 - Fox

Funky Fun Karaoke Club - Theater - Sussman (Last Friday of every month) 

Jewish Organization Club - C204 - Thalman